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Welcome to the 2 Angels Home Services blog area. In this pages you will find articles on matters relating to residential or business exteriors clean up services and procedures, and how to keep buildings free of dirt, moss, mould, algae, mildew, and other stuff to prevent damage. We will also discuss the environmental implications of using or not certain products and systems, give out cleaning and maintenance tips, and clear up some common misapprehensions.

Does Soft Washing Affect the Environment
Does Soft Washing Affect the Environment?
September 29th, 2021
The technique of 'soft washing' is rising in popularity as an effective alternative to power washing. This relatively new form of cleaning uses lower water pressure and specialized cleaning solutions to achieve a lasting clean. Many people are intrigued by soft washing because it is less damaging for the exterior surface and due to its eco-friendly cleaning potential.
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Why Roof Moss Removal Is So Important to the Integrity of a Home
Moss can naturally accumulate on damp or shaded areas of the roof. While many believe that roof moss is relatively harmless, leaving it unattended can cause lasting damage to the structural integrity.
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Is Pressure Washing Safer Than Power Washing
Residential and commercial property cleaning has historically been done through power washing. For years, many people believed it was the best form of cleaning to keep homes in the best shape possible. But the truth is, power washing can be difficult, and improper cleaning techniques can cause lasting damage. This has led to many cleaning companies declaring pressure washing as the safer alternative.
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