5 Reasons for Professionally Cleaning Gutters in the Winter

January 30th, 2022
5 Reasons for Professionally Cleaning Gutters in the Winter

Cleaning your gutters in the winter is the best way to protect your roof. The cold weather, heavy rain and snowfall, and debris make winter especially hard on gutters. If you wait to clean your gutters until the spring, there is a chance for disaster.

Here are five reasons why every home can benefit from professional gutter cleaning in the winter.

Improves Drainage

Keeping a gutter clean will improve its drainage. Clogged gutters will not drain water effectively, resulting in a large build-up of water that causes structural damage.

Increases the Lifespan of the Gutter

Snow and ice accumulation in your gutter can cause the gutter to sag or break off, leading to costly repairs. Cleaning your gutters after a downpour of snow is the best way to increase the lifespan of a gutter.

Protection From Insects and Pests

Keeping your gutters clean prevents pests from entering your home. Insects such as spiders can get into your house through cracks under the fascia boards, while larger pests such as rats and raccoons can get into your attic where they are difficult to catch but may cause damage if not removed.

Prevents the Growth of Mold

Blocked gutters are a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other harmful bacteria. These bacteria can quickly spread to other parts of the roof, including the interior. Once the mold is inside a house, it is very dangerous for residents, and expensive to fix.

Avoid Big Roof Repair Fees

Gutters are essential for water drainage. If they are blocked, water will accumulate in areas of the roof where they are not supposed to. This damage can cause leaks, mold, and lead to costly repairs. Professional gutter cleaning in the winter helps avoid these problems before they happen.

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