Getting Your Commercial Building in Surrey Ready for the Holidays

November 24th, 2022
Getting Your Commercial Building in Surrey Ready for the Holidays

For businesses in Surrey, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. While many business owners are swamped with day-to-day challenges, there are some unique seasonal tasks for businesses. With increased foot traffic and customers, your building must look great and be festive to attract a wave of shoppers. If your store or office needs a little holiday cheer, here are some tips for getting it ready.

Exterior Cleaning

Start by giving your building an exterior clean-up. Soft wash the walls to remove dirt and grime, paint or replace any faded trim or doors, and add festive outdoor lights, wreaths, and other decorations to give your building a holiday-ready look.

Window Washing

Next, make sure your windows are squeaky clean. Clean the inside and outside of each window to remove any dirt or grime that has built up over the year and replace any broken windowpanes if needed.

Retaining Wall Maintenance

If your building has a retaining wall, a yearly washing is required. Additionally, ensure it is in good condition heading into the holiday season. Inspect the wall for any cracks or damage, and if necessary, have it repaired by a professional before the holiday season begins. Once the retaining wall is clean and fixed up, consider adding festive decorations like evergreen garland or poinsettia plants.

Getting your building in Surrey ready for the holidays is not a challenging process. With a little planning and professional assistance, your property can look its best and impress customers all season long.

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