Is Pressure Washing Safer Than Power Washing?

July 31st, 2021
Is Pressure Washing Safer Than Power Washing

Residential and commercial property cleaning has historically been done through power washing. For years, many people believed it was the best form of cleaning to keep homes in the best shape possible. But the truth is, power washing can be difficult, and improper cleaning techniques can cause lasting damage. This has led to many cleaning companies declaring pressure washing as the safer alternative.

When it comes to finding the right type of washing technique, there are no blanket solutions. Consider the following information to see which is right for your needs.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Both pressure washing and power washing use water to clean. The difference is the temperature and the pressure of the water. In power washing, the force of the water stream is often slightly weaker than pressure washing. However, power washing uses warmer water to clean surfaces.

In contrast, pressure washing uses more pressure and a cold stream of water to clean exterior surfaces quickly and effectively. 

Which is Safer?

This is the subject of much debate, but the general answer is it depends on the surface. Both options use high-pressured water to clean, but the heated aspect of power washing can cause a problem when cleaning everything from patios, driveways, to even masonry and concrete.

Of course, one issue to consider with pressure washing is that is not as effective as power washing at cleaning moss and mold. The jet alone is usually not enough to completely remove these tough-to-eliminate substances, meaning they are likely to grow back.

Other Options

While some may recommend a combination of the two, 2Angels Home Services uses a low-pressure alternative. This process is called soft washing and used formulated, biodegradable materials to remove moss, dirt, and mildew. Soft Washing does not damage the structure being cleaned and provides a highly effective cleaning agent. Its biodegradable nature also means they are environmentally conscious, and non-toxic to animals and plant life.


For everyday cleaning, pressure washing will always be the safer of the two alternatives. However, it is best to reach out to professionals to ensure the exterior of your home is cleaned well, without causing any lasting damage. 2Angels Home Services specializes in providing Soft Washing, which is perfect for dealing with tough substances without destroying the material.

At 2 Angels Home Services we are experts in residential or business exteriors clean up services and procedures. We can provide services to keep buildings free of dirt, moss, mould, algae, mildew, and other stuff to prevent damage.


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