What Is Soft-Wash Cleaning?

June 30th, 2021
What Is Soft-Wash Cleaning

Soft-Wash home cleaning is a new trend that is growing in popularity. It is different from a traditional power wash or steam cleaning because it does not use excessive pressure or harsh chemicals. It can be just as effective as chemical washing treatments in removing dirt and mold as power washing.

Uses of Soft-Wash Cleaning

This form of washing takes an innovative approach to clean surfaces by using high-quality and eco-friendly compounds are blended to create products for various residential and commercial projects. Soft washing has risen in popularity because it not only cleans but helps reduce the growth of bacteria.

Did you know that most of the dirt on your property is living organic biofilm? The purpose of soft-wash cleaning is to kill these spores and provided a thorough cleaning. Best of all, this form of cleaning does so without harming the environment or damaging your property.

Soft washing is a highly effective and fast way to clean hard surfaces. The product can stay effective for several years, depending on the position of the property and weather conditions.

Power Wash Vs. Soft-Wash

The fastest way to get rid of the dirt and grime may be to so do high-pressure cleaning. However, a soft-wash cleaning may be better in the long run, as it is significantly less damaging than a power wash.

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, uses water that runs at extremely high PSI. Depending on the strength and type of the washer you are using, the pressure can range from 1300 PSI to 3100 PSI. This level of pressure can chip and crack many kinds of surfaces. Soft-wash cleaning, on the other hand, uses considerably less pressure.

As a result of more and more people wanting an effective power washing alternative, soft-wash cleaning is growing in popularity. Many people who try soft-wash techniques and products are extremely impressed by the results.

Nowadays, soft washing is an effective and safe power washing alternative. It allows for cleaning and sanitizing from the relative safety of a platform or the ground using low-pressure equipment. If you are interested in learning more about soft washing, contact the experts and 2 Angels Home Services.

At 2 Angels Home Services we are experts in residential or business exteriors clean up services and procedures. We can provide services to keep buildings free of dirt, moss, mould, algae, mildew, and other stuff to prevent damage.


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