Residential Cleaning

Our west-coast weather is wonderful but causes special problems for the exterior surfaces of our homes and properties over time. The professionals at 2 Angels Home Services have the knowledge and equipment to deal with it. Our Soft-Wash cleaning provides a safe, affordable, long-lasting solution to keep your house and grounds looking great.

Residential Exterior Cleaning

A clean exterior keeps your home looking great and lasting longer. We have the expertise to clean any home exterior with safe, long-lasting, environmentally friendly results.

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Residential Gutter Cleaning

Gutters need to be clear to allow water to flow freely and not damage surrounding areas. We wash the inside and the outside of gutters, removing organic material and growths that could cause problems.

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Residential Window Cleaning

Clean windows provide a clear view, let in light and even help keep our houses warm, but they can be a real chore to wash. We have the experience and the right tools to get your windows, high and low, sparkling clean.

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Residential Soft Washing

Soft washing gently cleans the exterior of our home using low pressure and gentle chemicals. We clean roofs, soffits, gutters, siding and more without the risk of damage.

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Residential Pressure Washing

We are fully equipped to pressure wash brick, stone, concrete and other durable surfaces to keep them clear of moss, mildew and stains, or to prepare them for resurfacing.

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Residential Retaining Wall Cleaning

Time and weather make retaining walls look old and dingy, and organic growths like moss can hasten deterioration. Our Soft-Wash method of cleaning leaves walls looking renewed and free of moss, mould and mildew for years.

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Residential Roof Moss Removal

Moss growing on a roof can cause real damage and lead to costly repairs. We use Soft-Wash technology to rid roofs of moss and other organic growths. Our methods are thorough, long-lasting and completely safe for all roofs.

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