Soft Washing Exterior Cleaning

What is Soft Washing and why is it the preferred method of exterior cleaning?

Soft Washing incorporates low pressure (approximately 100 psi) combined with specific chemicals to gently clean the exterior of your home. Moss, dirt, mildew, algae and other organic stains are no match when it comes to the gentle power of soft washing.

From vinyl/wood siding, stucco, brick or concrete, Soft Washing can handle them all! It can even clean dirty soffits in a matter of minutes without scrubbing. The chemicals used are sodium hypochlorite, Apple Wash and water.

What is Apple Wash?

It’s simply a pinkish-colored, fragrant surfactant which is combined with the sodium hypochlorite and water to effectively clean the surfaces mentioned above. It gently is sprayed on and slowly fades in color and neutralizes in just a few minutes.

Soft Washing is the preferred method of exterior cleaning because it doesn’t use high psi like traditional power washing. Power washing is effective on surfaces like concrete retaining walls, driveways and walkways, but should never be used on roofs, soffits, gutters and siding because it can easily cause a lot of damage.

Soft Washing doesn’t harm trees, shrubs or lawns. The Proportioner system allows the chemical ratio to be easily adjusted depending on how soiled the surface is. We simply wet down these areas with water prior to getting started. Our low psi wand easily reaches 2 stories from ground level to ensure full coverage from top to bottom.

Soft Washing is the modern way to effectively clean exterior surfaces and windows. Our team at 2 Angels Home Services will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our process!