Commercial Cleaning

West coast rain gives us a wonderfully lush environment but not when the greenery grows on our buildings. 2 Angels Home Services knows all about washing away unwanted moss, mould, mildew, algae and general dirt and grime from building exteriors. Our method of Soft-Washing provides environmentally friendly, long-lasting results that are safe for all exterior surfaces.

Commercial Building Washing

It important to keep your commercial building exterior clean and free from dirt and substances that could cause damage and deterioration. Our Soft-Wash method is safe and effective for all exterior surfaces.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Clean windows create a positive impression. We are equipped to wash any kind of window, in single-story and multi-story commercial buildings.

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Commercial Pressure Washing

Maintaining a clean, safe, cared-for appearance is important in managing a business or commercial property. We pressure wash all durable surfaces to rid them of dirt, stains, moss and other unwanted growths.

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Commercial Retaining Wall Cleaning

Retaining walls add value to your property and you want them to last. We thoroughly wash commercial retaining walls to improve their appearance and longevity.

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Commercial Roof Moss Removal

Moss left growing on a roof can lead to costly repairs to fix the damage. We use Soft-Wash technology to clear it all away and keep it from returning for years.

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