Residential Pressure Washing

Keeping Your Property Clean Of Algae & Dirt

The Soft-Wash experts at 2 Angels Home Services offer pressure washing for durable surfaces. Brick, stone and concrete inevitably collect enough dirt, grime, moss, grease, oil and stains that they become unsightly, even dangerous. Or you may want a surface professionally prepared for painting, refinishing or staining. 2 Angels Home Services pressure washes sidewalks, driveways, paved patios, garage floors, outdoor furniture, underground areas and more, making theming safe, clean and ready-to-use.

We pre-treat all surfaces with either our Soft-Wash solution or degreasers and detergents depending on the job. Soft-Wash solution effectively kills and inhibits moss, mildew and algae, preventing their return for years, plus it’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic to plants and animals. For underground pressure washing that has limited algae and pollutants we use degreasers and specialized soap.

Why Pressure Washing for Durable Surfaces?

  • Create a safe environment by eliminating slippery moss on sidewalks and decks, and cleaning oil and grease off your driveway or garage floor.
  • Eliminate dust, algae, mold and mildew that may be causing allergies or health problems.
  • Prepare surfaces for painting, sealing, staining and refinishing by removing any substances that would prevent new finishes from adhering.
  • Brighten, restore and beautify the areas around your home, increasing curb appeal, investment value, and happiness and confidence in your environment.

2 Angels Home Services is equipped for any pressure washing job, with a full mobile unit including a water tank, accessories and several heavy-duty hoses that can be combined for those areas of your commercial property that are harder-to-reach. We protect your property with in depth knowledge of the process and attention to detail. We protect ourselves with all the appropriate gear.

Leave it to the experts at 2 Angels Home Services to pressure wash any durable surface around your home. We work safely and reliably to your satisfaction and the results are guaranteed.

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